Kaelie Rae Flores, daughter of Jason & Kerri Flores. Born on December 2nd, 1997, the 5'11" McNary wing, will play next season at Central Washington University.  Kaelie has a 3.75 GPA and her favorite class is AP Chemistry.  

Kaelie intends on majoring in the Medical Field and plans on becoming a Nurse.  Her favorite player is Steph Curry, and she has a 6'3" wingspan!

Tyrus Hosley, son of Lonnie & LaShonda Hosley. Born on October 15th, 1997, the 6’1” combo guard played his senior season at Evergreen High School. Tryus says his favorite class is English and he intends on majoring in Law and/or Sports Management.

Tyrus’ favorite athlete is LeBron James, but he credits Damian Lillard for being his biggest basketball influence. Tyrus hopes to become a Lawyer or Sports Agent following a professional basketball career.  Tyrus loves to sing!

Emma Claire Gibb, daughter of Ryan & Charlene Gibb.  Born on January 7th, 1998, the 6’2” power forward will join the University of California Davis team next fall. Emma’s favorite class is Global Citizenship, and she has maintained an outstanding 4.0 GPA at the Western Mennonite School.

Emma intends on majoring in Biology, and would like to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. Emma credits Oregon high school coaching legend Gary Lavender as being her biggest basketball influence. Her favorite athlete is UCONN post Breanna Stewart, and Emma loves bananas! 

Rose Pflug, daughter of Roggy & Janelle Pflug. Born on February 18th, 1999, the 5'11" Sunset junior point guard has a 4.0 GPA.  Rose's favorite class is Pre-Calculus and is looking forward to a career in Business Management.

Rose says her favorite athlete is 49er great, Joe Montana.  Rose says her dad, Roggy as her biggest basketball influence, and is proud of that fact she can finally beat her brothers in 1-on-1!

Elijah Lee Gonzales, son of Nathan & Andria Gonzales. Born on March 23rd, 1999, the 5'9" Clackamas junior has a 3.4 GPA. His favorite class is Environmental Science and he plans on majoring in Business.

Elijah says that his dad and his brother Jr. have influenced his basketball career the most. Stephen Curry is his favorite player, and Elijah also hopes to play professionally. Elijah loves to climb trees with his little sister Lydia in his free time!

Alzena Amira-Marie Henry, daughter of Alzena Martin.  Born on September 13th, 1997, the 6’1” Jesuit post will play for California State University Long Beach next fall.  Alzena currently has a 3.48 GPA and her favorite classes are Biology & English.

Alzena intends on majoring in Political Science, and would like to become a Lobbyist.  She says her favorite athlete is Tamika Catchings, and Alzena credits the legendary coach Brad Smith for being her biggest basketball influence. 

Zachary Bernards, son of Tony & Angie Bernards. Born on December 22nd, 1998, the 5'11" junior point guard for Dayton High School currently holds an impressive 4.0 GPA. His favorite class is Science and his intended major as Business Management.

Zach list his father, brothers, and Jon Hildabrant is his biggest basketball influences. Zach hopes to play basketball overseas and start a business of his own. 

Ja'Vary Christmas, son of Nick & Lashonda Christmas. Born on January 6th, 1998, the 6'3" De La Salle North Catholic senior guard has a 3.3 GPA. Ja'Vary says his favorite class is Science, and he would like to major in Business & Entrepreneurship, with plans on one day owning his own Urban Clothing Branch.

Ja'Vary credits his entire family for influencing his basketball career.  His favorite player is LeBron James.  When Ja'Vary began his freshman year, he was only 5'2"!

Gregory L. Washington, son of Greg Washington Sr. & Lawana Robinson.  Born on December 28th, 1997, the 6-foot Evergreen point guard has a 3.0 GPA.  Greg’s favorite class is Science and he plans on majoring in Computer Science.

Greg aspires to have a career in Sports Medicine after college. His biggest basketball influence his is father. Greg’s favorite player is Brandon Jennings of the Orlando Magic, and like Jennings, Greg is also a “lucky lefty”!

Ben College, son of Phil & Jill College. Born on May 21st, 1998, the 6'1" senior guard carries a 3.73 GPA at Central Catholic High School. His favorite class is English.

Ben was voted 1st-Team All-Metro League this season and says his favorite athlete is Jason Williams. Ben is good at drawing!

Jaydon DeVon Grant, son of Brian & Gina Grant.  Born on June 15th, 1998, the 6’1” West Linn guard will be a student-athlete at the Oregon State University next season. Jaydon has maintained a 3.33 GPA and his favorite class is Math, and plans on majoring in Sports Marketing.

Jaydon credits his dad for being his biggest basketball influence. His favorite athletes are Floyd Mayweather and Kobe Bryant. Jaydon proclaims himself “the best Madden player in the state”!​

Evina "E" Westbrook, daughter of James & Eva Westbrook. Born on September 28th, 1998, the 6-foot junior combo guard has a 3.4 GPA at South Salem High School. Her favorite class is English, and she would like to major in Broadcasting. Evina would eventually like to us her broadcasting degree with a career at ESPN following her professional basketball career.

Evina says her brother, LJ, as her biggest basketball influence and her favorite player is Russell Westbrook. Evina is a 2-time State Champion and Nike EYBL National Champ!

Caitlin Malvar, daughter of Caesar Malvar & Jocelyn McIntire. Born November 21st, 1997, the 5'7" senior point guard holds an outstanding 4.0 GPA at West Linn High School. Caitlin's favorite class is Art History. 

Caitlin says that her favorite athlete is her little brother Jake, and her biggest basketball influence is her mom, Jocelyn.  Caitlin's best friend is her cat! 

Peyton Carrol, daughter of Jason & Traci Carroll. Born on November 20th, 1997, the 6'2" Clackamas power forward will play next season at Northern Arizona University.  Peyton has a 3.87 GPA, and says her favorite class is Ceramics. 

Peyton plans on majoring in Business Administration and becoming a Realtor.  Her favorite athlete is Shaquille O'Neal, and Peyton says she is great at parallel parking! 

Zharia Hale, daughter of Eddie Hale & Regina Warren. Born March 22, 1998. The 5'10” point guard will be playing at Weber State next year. Zharia intends on majoring in Sports Psychology.

Zharia's biggest basketball influence is her younger brother Amari Hale because he is the reason she began to play basketball. Zharia's favorite players are Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan. One fun fact about Zharia is that she loves to bake!

Daryn "Monka" Hickok, daughter of Damon & Tamra Hickok.  Born on October 21st, 2000, the 5'10" wing is the only Freshman All-Star.  Monka currently hold a 3.8 GPA at Grant High School. 

Monka says that growing up around ICP (Inner City Players) and "Bro Bro" was her biggest basketball influence.  Monka would like major in Architecture or Pre-Med, as she aspires to have a career as either an Interior/Exterior Designer or a Doctor. Monka loves dogs, and helping them.

Madi Hingston, daughter of Matt Hingston & Bonnie Davis. Born on November 7th, 1997, the 5'9" McNary guard will play next season at Seattle Pacific University. Madi has a 3.9 GPA and her favorite class is English.

Madi plans on majoring in Business and hopes to have a career at Nike.  Her favorite player is Steph Curry and she says her sister Megan in her biggest basketball influence. In 3rd grade, Madi participated in archery!

Sarah Halversen, daughter of Mark & Amy Halversen.  Born on October 26th, 1998, the 5'11" Portland Adventist Academy junior forward holds a 3.9 GPA. Sarah says her favorite class is Psychology, and she plans on majoring in Education and becoming a teacher.

Sarah says her brothers are her biggest basketball influences and her favorite athlete is Breanna Stewart. Sarah is 7th generation Oregonian!

Cierra Skye Walker, daughter of Cliff Walker & Tami Bannick. Born on July 17th, 1998, the 5'9" Oregon City combo guard will play next season at Vanderbilt University. This studious senior carries an unbelievable 4.09 GPA. Cierra intends on majoring in Psychology.

Cierra list Brad Tinsley and all of her coaches who believed in her as her biggest basketball influence. She plans on becoming a coach after her playing years are done, and was a 3-time national finals for the punt, pass, & kick NFL competition!

Nolan Bertain, son of Leonard & Cheri Bertain. Born on September 7th, 1998, the 6'4" junior wing from Beaverton High School has a 3.0 GPA. Nolan's favorite class is Marketing and he plans on majoring in Sports Marketing and  Entrepreneurship. Nolan would like to have a career as an Airline Pilot.

Nolan's favorite athlete is NFL great Marshawn Lynch. Nolan says that watching NCAA & NBA basketball when he was young greatly influenced his basketball career.  One cool fact about Nolan, he is undefeated in "HORSE"!

Ben Borja, brother of Kea Colburn.  Born on February 26th, 1998, the 6'7" senior forward for Southridge has a 3.3 GPA.  Ben's favorite class is Science, and he plans on majoring in Marketing.

Ben's favorite player is Kobe Bryant. He plays AAU basketball for I-5 Elite, coached by Kumbeno Memory. Ben is originally from Guam.

Tynesha Parnell, daughter of Byron Parnell & Elaine Channel. Born on September 23rd, 1998, the 5'6" junior point guard for Cleveland has a 3.37 GPA. Her favorite classes are Math & Anatomy. Tynesha would like to major Sports Medicine and have a career in Physical Therapy. 

Tynesha's says her biggest basketball influence is her brother Alonzo, and her favorite athletes are Steph Curry and LeBron James. Tynesha describes herself as "funny"!

Hunter Sweet, son of Jeff & Linda Sweet. Born on October 4th, 1998, the 6'4" junior forward for Beaverton High School has a 3.6 GPA. Hunter's favorite class is Marketing and he wants to major in Business & Sports Marketing.

Hunter says his brother, Nate Sweet, is his biggest basketball influence. Hunter is an avid golfer, and aspires to work in Sales and Marketing for an athletic apparel company.

2016 Spread DaLove Oregon All-Stars

2016 Spread DaLove All-Star Showcase

April 10th, 2016 | Concordia University

Boys 4:30pm | Girls 6:00pm

Meartu Aschalew, son of Aschalew Kara & Emebet Abay. Born on June 9th, 1998, the 5’10” senior plays point guard for De La Salle North Catholic.  Meartu’s favorite class is Religion and he wants to major in Sports Medicine.

Meartu’s favorite player is Damian Lillard, and he says he wants to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA. Meartu gives thanks to his family for influencing his basketball career.  Meartu is Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Italian.​

Charles Jones Jr., son of Charles Jones Sr. & Rosemary Waters.  Born on May 24th, 1998, the 6'2" David Douglas point guard will be playing for Southern Idaho next fall.  Charles' favorite class is Anatomy & Physiology, and he intends on majoring in Communication Studies.

Charles says his favorite player is Kobe Bryant, and like "Mamba", Charles also plans on having a long career in the NBA.  A little know fact about Charles, he use to be in gymnastics!

It's all about the foundation.

Bendu Yeaney, daughter of Joseph & Maima Yeaney. Born on November 20, 1998, the 5'10" junior plays point guard for St. Mary's Academy. Her favorite class is Math, and she wants to major in Broadcasting & Journalism, with hopes of becoming a TV Broadcast Analyst.

Bendu says her brothers are her biggest basketball influence and are the reason she began playing hoops.  Her favorite player is LeBron James, and Bendu says she is inches away from dunking a basketball!

Taylor Rarick, daughter of Joe & Shelley Rarick. Born on March 29th, 1999, the 5'5" junior point guard is a 3-sport athlete at Newberg High School. She also has a 4.0 GPA and her favorite class is Anatomy. 

Taylor says her favorite player is Steph Curry, and names her dad as her biggest basketball influence. Taylor has her eyes on a career in Sports Medicine and is an amazing juggler! 

Jordan Woodvine, daughter of George & Terri Woodvine. Born September 28th, 1997, the 5'11" South Salem guard will play next season at Boise State University.  Jordan has a 3.62 GPA and her favorite class is Sign Language. She plans on majoring in Marketing or Interior/Industrial Design.

Jordan first started playing basketball in 7th grade and her favorite player is Kevin Durant. Jordan aspires to have a career in Sports Marketing.  

Stuart Tonack, son of Greg & Edda Tonack. Born on April 17th, 1998, the 6'7" senior forward holds an outstanding 3.97 GPA at Portland Adventist Academy. Stuart's favorite class is Bible, and intends on majoring in Nursing before beginning his career as a Nurse.

Stuart's biggest basketball influence is his sister, Sydney and his favorite basketball player is Tim Duncan.  Stuart can solve a Rubik's Cube, and once completed it in 32.4 seconds!

Nathan Bradford, son of Nathan Bradford & Renee Green. Born on September 4th, 1997, the 6'3" senior combo guard for Grant High School has a great sense of humor. Nathan's favorite athlete and biggest basketball influence is Allen Iverson. 

Nathan aspires to play professional basketball and own his own business. His favorite class is History and his intended major is Business.

Montrail Menefee Jr., son of Montrail Menefee Sr. & Angela Carter.  Born July 25th, 1998, the 5’11” senior played a combo guard for Benson High School. Montrail enjoys drawing, listening to music, and is working toward becoming a Barber.

Montrail says his greatest basketball influences are his grandpa, Winfred Menefee, who was a dominant force on the 1972 Jefferson team, his AAU coach Jalaam Roberson, and his father.  Montrail’s says his favorite players include James Harden and Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas.  

N’Dea C. Flye, daughter of Vernell & Joyce Flye. Born on December 23rd, 1998, the 5’6” Oregon City junior point guard carries a 3.0 GPA. N’Dea’s favorite class is Math and she intends on majoring in Law and becoming a Defense Attorney. 

N’Dea list her grandma as her biggest basketball influence. N’Dea says her favorite athletes are Jordan, Kobe, and WNBA great Lisa Leslie. N’Dea would also like to play in the WNBA & Overseas. She describes herself as a kid who likes to have fun, and says she loves God and everyone!

Bria Thames, daughter of Donna Thames. Born on May 15th, 1998, the 5'1l" senior forward from Westview High School has a cumulative 3.8 GPA. Bria's favorite class is Writing and she plans to major in Business Communications. Bria would like to have a career as a Sports Broadcaster.

Bria's favorite player is WNBA All-Star Skylar Diggins.  Bria says her biggest basketball influence is her grandpa, C.L. Thames.  A little know fact about Bria, she has a twin brother, Bomani!