Girls Box Score

Team Alex (Purple) - 80
Bendu Yeaney 28, Taylor Rarick 23, Jordan Woodvine 8, Zharia Hale 7, N'Dea Flye 7, Bria Thames 5, Sarah Halverson 1, Kaelie Flores

Team DaLove (Blue) - 84
Evina Westbrook 24. Cierra Walker 13, Madi Hingston 9, Monka Hickok 9, Alzena Henry 8, Peyton Carroll 6, Rose Pflug 6, Tynesha Parnell 5, Caitlyn Malvar 4

Evina Westbrook, 24 pts

Most Outstanding Player

Thank You To All Of Our 2016 Boys All-Stars!
Zach Bernards, Dayton, Jr, 6'0"
Nolan Bertain, Beaverton, Jr, 6’3”
Ben Borja, Southridge, Sr, 6'7"
Nate Bradford, Grant, Sr, 6'3"
Ja'Vary Christmas, De La Salle, Sr, 6'2”
Ben College, Central Catholic, Sr, 6'1"
Jaydon Grant, West Linn, Sr, 6’1” (Oregon St.)
Elijah Gonzales, Clackamas, Jr, 5'9"
Tyrus Hosley, Evergreen, Sr, 6'1"**
Charles Jones, David Douglas, Sr, 6'2" (Southern Idaho)
Montrail Menefee, Benson, Sr, 5'11"
Roman Richardson, Benson, Sr, 5'10"

Hunter Sweet, Beaverton, Jr, 6'4"
Stuart Tonack, Portland Adventist Sr, 6'7"
Greg Washington, Evergreen, Sr, 6'0"** 
Lamar Winston, Central Catholic, Sr, 6'3" (Oregon; Football) 


 Jazz Johnson Takes Home MVP, Despite Losing Effort

With a backcourt consisting of University of Portland bound Jazz Johnson (Lake Oswego, Sr.) and Central Catholic tandem Xavier Hallinan and Deante Strickland, it appeared #TeamDaLove was primed for another victory in the 2015 Spread DaLove All-Star game.  However, #TeamAlex and De La Salle, Junior Point Guard, Javary Christmas had another outcome in mind.  It was Christmas who led a group of underdogs in the win over #TeamDaLove in battle of size versus speed.

#TeamAlex had too much size, and jumped out to a 7-0 led in the first 3 minutes of the game.  The backcourt of Johnson, Hallinan, and Strickland struggle to finish at the basket early in the game, and could never fully recover.

Meanwhile, several #TeamAlex players, including Jose Carrillo (Helensview, Sr.) and Oregon City’s Austin Dewitz dominated both inside and out, displaying their length and versatility through the course of the game.

There was a lot of great action, but clearly the newcomer on the scene, Christmas (16 pts.), turned the most heads as he proved he could play with the elite players in the state of Oregon. Christmas, who feels like he and fellow De La Salle players go unnoticed due to their 3A classification, showed his ability to break down the defense with a Jamal Crawford like handle, and a 3-point shot that he consistently knocks down.

The match up between Jazz Johnson and Christmas was a joy to watch, and many of the top student-athletes in the state were in attendance to watch it go down live, including, Portland State signee Jonathan Boland (Parkrose, Sr.) along with Central Catholic Running Back, Cameron Scarlett, who will take his talents to Palo Alto this fall to play for the Stanford Cardinals.

Johnson finished the game with 23 points, and took home the Monster MVP award that included a SuperStar Speaker system, courtesy of Monster.


 Congratulations to the MONSTER MVP'S

Boys MVP:
Jazz Johnson, Lake Oswego High School

Girls MVP:
Zharia Hale, Central Catholic High School

Thank You To The 2015 Participants:
Tyschal Blake,
SMA, Sr, 6’1” (Weber State)
Peyton Carroll, Clackamas, Jr, 6’2”
Kaylie Boschma, Tigard, Sr, 5’8”
Taylor Enders, West Linn, Sr, 5’11” (Utah State)
Nina Radford, Grant, So, 5’11”
Cierra Walker, Oregon City, Jr, 5’8”

Taycee Wedin, LaSalle Prep, Fr, 5’9”
Margaret Brock,
Southridge, Sr, 6’3”
Zharia Hale, Central Catholic, Jr, 5’8”
Sydni Dalton, SMA, Jr, 5’4”
Emma Gibb, W. Mennonite, Jr, 6’2”
Taylor Rarick, Newberg, So, 5’8”

Taylor Shaw, Oregon City, Jr, 5’10”

Ali Rojas, Gresham, Sr, 5'10"

Martina McCowan, St. Mary's, Sr, 5’9” (Long Beach St.)
Xavier Hallinan, Central Catholic, Sr, 6’1” (Chatman College)
Jazz Johnson, Lake Oswego, Sr, 5’10” (Portland)
DJ Kennedy, Grant, Sr, 5’10”
Deante Strickland, Central Catholic, Sr, 5’9” (Casper College)
Meartu Aschalew, De La Salle, Jr, 5’10”
Javary Chirstmas, De La Salle, Jr, 5’10”
Austin Dewitz, Oregon City, Sr, 6’5”

Tiahntae Hudson, Roosevelt, Jr, 6'6"
D'Anthony Williams, STARS, Sr, 6'3"
Jose Carrillo, STARS, Sr, 6'5"
Demetrius Vaughn, STARS, Sr, 6'3"

Sage Lee, Benson

If you missed last year's celebration at Jefferson High School, check out the 2014 Spread DaLove All-Stars pictured below.   The play of the day went to West Linn's Anthony Mathis who got real shifty and left the former Jesuit Crusader Jack Nadelhoffer dizzy on the hardwood.

Special Thank You To Our Supporters:

River Place Athletic Club (Rac)

Columbia Bar & Grill

A Better T-Shirt

Shirts & Skins

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Karis Stoudamire

Stinson & Officials

& To All Those Who Performed


Spread DaLove "Dribble 2 School"

Back 2 School Drive & Basketball Clinic


(SE 17th Ave & Taylor St) 

August 24, 2014

 11:00am - 4:OOpm

Girls & Boys

Ages 5 - 13



             We are asking donations for new & gently used:







Colored Pencils



Pocket folders


Pink erasers





Hand Sanitizer

Pencil pouches

To Donate School Supplies, Drop Off at One of Several Drop Sites:

Lloyd Athletic Club, 815 NE Halsey St., PDX, OR (Daily)


 Momentum Alliance, 700 N. Killingsworth, PDX, OR (Daily)


Portland Team Fitness, 3311 NE MLK Jr., Blvd. Suite 103, PDX, OR (Mon. 5 – 9pm)


Colonel Summers Park, SE 17th Ave. & Taylor St. (August 24, 11a – 4p)

Spread DaLove is hosting the 1st Annual "Dribble 2 School" basketball & fitness clinic at Colonel Summers Park, Sunday, August 24th, 2014.  "Dribble 2 School" is a back to school initiative to promote health & wellness, and motivate student-athletes to have a successful academic and athletic school year.  Student-athletes who participate in the event will receive a free backpack filled with school supplies.  Spread DaLove is partnering with the City of Portland, Sunday Parkways, presented by Kaiser Permanente to bring you our 1st Annual "Dribble 2 School" basketball clinic.


"Dribble 2 School" derives from Portland (Oregon) native and Spread DaLove co-founder, Da'Love Woods and her desire to grow as a basketball player during her elementary years at Boise Elliot.  Da'Love dribbled a basketball to school daily as a way to pass to improve her ball handling skills.  Dribbling to school became the foundation of a routine that allowed Da'Love to reach her childhood dream of becoming a professional basketball player.


This year, Spread DaLove hopes to impact the lives of hundreds of student-athletes that seek to do more and reach greater heights, by inviting them to join us in the "Dribble 2 School" initiative and make a commitment to become better athletes, and dedicated students this year.  


We ask that those interested in supporting our "Dribble 2 School" Backpack and School Supply drive, please contact us by email, or make a donation on our donate page!  Help make a difference in the lives of our youth! Spread DaLove!

Congratulations to #TeamDaLove Boys & Girls
​for bringing home the victory over #TeamAlex!

Slam Dunk Champion:
Ty Peacock, Beaverton High School

Boys MVP:
​Devaunte Pacshal, Jefferson High School

Girls MVP:
​Audrey Frison, David Douglas High School

It's all about the foundation.

Spread DaLove Foundation Presents:

2017 Oregon All-Star Showcase

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Spread DaLove Foundation Presents:

Oregon All-Star Showcase

Sunday, April 10th, 2016


Ja'Vary Christmas, 22 pts

Most Valuable Player

Taylor Rarick, 22 pts

Most Valuable Player

Boys Box Score

Team Alex (Green) - 87
​Mason Elliott 24, Wilfred Likayi 24, Amari Hale 13, David Daniel Vasquez 8, Jordan May 6, Jayoni Warren 4, Deonzie Howard 4, Dante Watkins 4 

Team DaLove (Red) - 90
Nolan Bertain 29, Isaac Bonton 17, Zayshawn Strickland 17, Taylor Howard 10, Bonzi Banks 8, Leonard Dixon 7, Isiah Fox 2 

Boys Box Score

Team Alex (Green) - 108
Ja'Vary Christmas 22, Nate Bradford 22, Elijah Gonzales 18, Hunter Sweet 6, Zach Bernards 3, Tyrus Hosley 9, Ben College 4, Tiahntae Husdaon 12, Ben Borja 12

Team DaLove (Red) - 104
Charles Jones 41, Greg Washington 18, Nolan Bertain 9, Stuart Tonak 2, Lamar Winston 8, Montrail Menefee 8, David Jackson 4, Leshawn Barron 2, Roman Richardson 2, Jaydon Grant 10

Central Catholic, St. Mary's Team Up for #TeamAlex Win

In the first game, #TeamAlex Girls edged out #TeamDaLove in a 63 - 56 thriller, that left fans on the edge of their seats.  Central Catholic’s Zharia Hale led the attack for #TeamAlex, as she joined forces with her high school arch rivals, the St. Mary’s Academy backcourt of Martina McCowan and Sydni Dalton.  The threesome of Hale, McCowan, and Dalton pressured #TeamDaLove point guard Cierra Walker (Oregon City) heavily throughout the game, making it difficult for #TeamDaLove to get into an offensive flow at times.

In the paint, #TeamAlex was a force to be reckoned with, as Western Mennonite Junior Post Emma Gibb, along with Southridge Senior Margaret Brock imposed their will on a slightly undersized Tyschal Blake.  Blake, who spent the morning in Salem practicing for next weeks Traux Northwest Shootout, was a bit worn down by the end of the second half.

Major contributors for #TeamDaLove included West Linn Senior, Taylor Enders, who shot the lights out, along with Walker and Nina Radford, the PIL player of the year.  Walker and Radford were able to breakdown the defense of #TeamAlex in the half court and knock down open 3’s as a result.  Unfortunately, the size of #TeamAlex proved just to be a little bit too much in the end.

It was an amazing atmosphere at Concordia University and the experience of a lifetime to watch 15 of the top female basketball players in the state of Oregon battle it out for bragging rights. Zharia Hale proved to be the crème de la crème of the 2015 All-Stars taking home the Monster MVP award.
We look forward to seeing who will be joining us in the 2016 Spread DaLove Showcase… Stay Tuned!

#TeamAlex 63 - Zharia Hale 24, Shaw 2, Dalton 3, McCowan 6, Rojas, Brock 9, Gibb 8, Rarick 11

#TeamDaLove 56 - Tyschal Blake 15, Carroll 11, Wedin 5, Radford 4, Boschma 6, Walker 13, Enders 3

Special Thank You To Our Supporters:

Monster Products

Bryon Sheng

Stars Mentoring

Mic Capes

V. Dewayne

Otis Oliver

Mark Radford

Andrew Duvall

Concorida University

Friends & Family of Spread DaLove

Spread DaLove Foundation Presents:

Oregon All-Star Showcase

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Concordia University

We are currently seeking partners, sponsors, and donations for our 2018 All-Star Basketball game. 

Please submit an email to inquire or click here to make a donation. 

Charles Jones, 41 pts

Most Outstanding Player

Thank You To All Of Our 2016 Girls All-Stars!
Peyton Carroll, Clackamas, Sr, 6’2” (Northern Arizona)
Kaelie Flores, McNary, Sr, 6’1” (Central Washington) 

N'Dea Flye, Oregon City, Jr, 5’8”

Emma Gibb, W. Mennonite, Sr, 6’2” (UC Davis)*

Zharia Hale, Central Catholic, Sr, 5’8” (Weber St.)

Sarah Halversen, Portland Adventist, Jr, 6'0"

Alzena Henry, Jesuit, Sr, 6’3” (Long Beach St.)

Daryn "Monka" Hickok, Grant, Fr, 5'10"

Madi Hingston, McNary, Sr, 5'8" (Seattle Pacific)

Caitlyn Malvar, West Linn, Sr, 5’7”

Rose Pflug, Sunset, Jr, 5'10"

Tynesha Parnell, Cleveland, Jr, 5'7"

Taylor Rarick, Newberg, Jr, 5’8”

Bria Thames,Westview, Sr, 5'10"

Cierra Walker, Oregon City, Sr, 5’8” (Vanderbilt)

Evina Westbrook, South Salem, Jr, 6’0”
Jordan Woodvine, South Salem, Sr, 5’10” (Boise State)

Bendu Yeaney, St. Mary's Academy, Jr, 5'10" 


Bendu Yeaney, 15 pts

Most Outstanding Player

Girls Box Score

Team Alex (Purple) - 91
Rosie Pflug 17, Aleah Goodman 16, Bendu Yeaney 15, Maggie Freeman 15, Cameron Brink 12, Maddi Utti 8, Brooke Bullock 6, Nicole Flennaugh 2

Team DaLove (Blue) - 65
Taylor Rarick 17, Kaelin Immel 12, Abby Anderson 10, Nina Radford 10, N'Dea Flye 8, Cici Ellington 8, Natalie Hoff, Khairicia Rashard

Nolan Bertain, 26 pts

Most Outstanding Player

Thank You 2017 Oregon Boy's All-Stars

Bonzi Banks, Jefferson, Sr, 6'0' 
Nolan Bertain, West Linn, Sr, 6’3”
Isaac Bonton, Parkrose, Sr, 6’2”
Leonard Dixon, Barlow, Sr., 6'6"

Mason Elliott, Westview, Sr, 6'3"
Amari Hale, Central Catholic, Sr, 6'1"

Taylor Howard, Newberg, Sr., 6'1"

Wilfred Likayi, Parkrose, Sr., 6'8

Jordan May, Reynolds, Sr., 6'2"
Kelton Samore, Grant, Jr, 6’9”
Zayshawn Strickland, Jefferson, Sr, 5'10"
David Daniel Vasquez, Liberty, Sr, 6'1"

Mason Elliot, 24 pts

Most Valuable Player

Thank You 2017 Oregon Girl's All-Stars
Abby Anderson, Glencoe, Sr. (Montana St.)

Cameron Brink, Southridge, Fr.
Brooke Bullock, Oregon City, So.

Cici Ellington, Benson, So.

Nicole Flennaugh, Westview, So.

N'Dea Flye, Oregon City, Sr. (New Mexico)
Maggie Freeman,  Southridge, Jr.​

Aleah Goodman, La Salle Prep, Sr. (Oregon St.)

Natalie Hoff, Southridge, Jr.​
Kaelin Immel, Southridge, Sr. (Air Force)

Taylor LyDay, Benson, So. 

Rose Pflug, Sunset, Sr. (Pepperdine)
Nina Radford, Grant, Sr.

Taylor Rarick, Newberg, Sr. (Concordia Irvine)

Maddi Utti, Seaside, Sr. (Fresno St.)​​

Bendu Yeaney, St Mary's, Sr. (Indiana)

Kaelin Immel, 12 pts

Most Valuable Player

Thank You To The 2014 Participants:

Anthony Mathis, West Linn

Collin Huun, S. Salem

Jazz Johnson, Lake Oswego

Kadeem Strickland, Jefferson

Devaunte Paschal, Jefferson

Silas Melson, Jefferson

Markus Goulder, Clackamas

Raekwon Mingledoff, Clackamas

Isaac Bonton, Columbia Christain

Vonte Carter, Benson

KJ Boscoe, Benson

Deante Strickland, Central Catholic

Lamar Winston, Central Catholic

Aubrey Stephens, Madison

Mike Fesser, Jr., De La Salle

Jack Nadlehoffer, Jesuit

Dylan Leonard, Grant

Kal Johnson, STARS Mentoring

Tyler Peacock, Beaverton

Jessica Gertz, Oregon City

Cierra Walker, Oregon City

Toria Bradford, Oregon City

Jaime Nared, Westview

Bria Thames, Westview

Dana Bentz, Westview

Katie McWilliams, S. Salem

Bendu Yeaney, St. Mary's

Sydni Dalton, St. Mary's

Zharia Hale, Central Catholic

Lexi Carter, Tigard

Audrey Frison, David Douglas

Spread DaLove Foundation

Oregon All-Star Showcase

Sunday, April 19th, 2014