The Spread DaLove Foundation formed in 2014, and since its inception we have built relationship with a number of great companies, organizations, and people. We would like to thank all of those who have supported our vision and mission along this journey. Without all of you none of this would have been possible. The Spread DaLove Foundation is greatly appreciate to the following: 

The City of Portland, Sunday Parkways, Colonel Summers Park, Matt Dishman Community Center, Albert Park, Irving Park, Dawson Park, Lloyd Athletic Club, Momentum Alliance, Portland Team Fitness, River Place Athletic Club (RAC), Columbia Bar & Grill, A Better T-Shirt, Shirts & Skins, FisHead Apparel, STARS Mentoring, Concordia University, Monster Products, Nike Hoop Summit, USA Basketball, and the Portland Trailblazers.

The Spread DaLove Foundation would also like to graciously thank Dante RileyKaris Stoudamire, Donna ThamesFalisha Wright, and Bryon Sheng, for their unconditional love and support of our organization during its infancy, whether it was providing us the encouragement, advice, and/or tools that we needed in order to grow. All of your actions and sustenance are the epitome of the character that the Spread DaLove Foundation aims to exemplify. 

Contributions of $25.00 or more will be gifted a Spread DaLove t-shirt of your choice. Thank you for helping Spread DaLove!

Spread DaLove Foundation Scholarship Fund

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, partnering, or donating to the Spread DaLove Foundation please call or submit an email regarding your interest.

We are now seeking partners, sponsors and donations for our 2019 Spread DaLove All-Star Basketball Showcase, in addition to funding & donations for the Spread DaLove Scholarship Fund.

Please email, or call to receive further information on how you can help Spread DaLove!

Help Spread DaLove

Spread DaLove Foundation 

The Spread DaLove Foundation is committed to assisting student-athletes in their pursuit to fulfill their dreams of pursing athletic careers beyond the high school level.  The Spread DaLove Most Outstanding Player Scholarship goes to the top performer of each the boys and girls Showcase game each year.

The Spread DaLove Foundation Most Outstanding Player Scholarship is dispersed to student-athletes during the month of September for use of educational expenses and/or athletic equipment, and/or during the month of December to help toward holiday expenses to Spread DaLove to the student-athletes' family & friends.

It is the goal and objective of the Spread DaLove Foundation to provide scholarship aid to student-athletes during these times because as former high school and college student-athletes our staff unequivocally and wholeheartedly understands the additional financial burden that participating in athletics can amass on a family, particularly those from hovering around the poverty line.

The Spread DaLove Foundation Scholarship Fund has previously been and will continue to be funded by our staff. However, our organization realizes how valuable the help of our community members can be, and we are currently seeking outside assistance via grants and donations to help grow this fund in order to serve more student-athletes.

All donations and assistance is greatly appreciated. Please click the donate button below to contribute, or email to find out additional ways to give.  The Spread DaLove Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, making all donations eligible for write off.  The Spread DaLove Foundation will provide you with our Federal Tax ID ensuing your donation. ​


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